Zero Degrees

A branding story…

Zero Degrees are a footwear brand based in Oslo, Norway.
Born in 2018 their brand has powered into the market place and gone from strength to strength.
My team and I were the driving force behind their visual identity; providing them the assets they needed to create an impact.

When Zero Degrees came to us they had a vision for their footwear, but were struggling with their identity. They knew how they wanted the shoes to look, their target audience, who they wanted to pitch to, but they couldn’t work out how to tie up the marketing and branding to fit the product.

We came up with a package that included everything they needed to get started on their journey. Our pack included their full brand identity story, along with the icon, word mark, plus all the additional stationary, point of sale, packaging and copy they might need to get their brand into the public domain looking sharp, considered and consistent.

‘We are proud of our famous heritage and breath-taking views, and equally proud of the modern urban landscape of our cities. We know the weather better than anyone, as well as the people who live in these cities. It’s our mission to equip you in climate appropriate directional urban footwear, that is not just another hiking boot or trail runner. Functionality doesn’t need to compromise appearance. Our range is robust enough for your frosty morning ride to the studio, yet stylish enough for post work drinks with friends’

Brand Guidelines

Creating a coherent branding pack based on their story, then making it as easy as possible to maintain consistency across all parts of their visual identity.

Welcome to the Zero Degrees Celsius Branding Handbook.
Our brand identity is more than a logo to us, it’s a number of simple core elements that combine together to create a concept that represents Zero Degrees Celsius. This guideline will help you ensure the visual design elements of Zero Degree Celsius are applied correctly to create uniformity and to help you to tell our story through our eyes

Logo and Wordmark

It was important that the logo and word mark were instantly recognisable, and that they could be used across multiple applications in the construction of the footwear as well as their marketing. This means considerations had to be made for different print and embroidery methods as well as mouldings.

Visual Assets

From their basic stationary and business cards, powerpoint presentation templates, to point of sale, and banner artwork. We wanted to make sure we had everything covered for them.

Banner Artwork

Some examples of the banner artwork we created for special events.

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