Tet 2019 – Change Things Together

A low waste event.

Every year we create an epic celebration for all of the team at SHOEfabrik to celebrate Tet.
This year we wanted to raise awareness of our desire to lower our impact and to be more considerate about the planet, we teamed up with Hard Rock Cafe in Sai Gon and with their help we were able to execute a party with the minimum of waste.

We also selected 4 local charities (it was really difficult) so that we could raise money for them as part of the event.

Once we had secured the venue it was time to set the theming, and manage all the elements that combine to create an amazing, special, meaningful event that everyone enjoys. We like for the party to have a lasting impact on the team, rather than being a frivolous event.

We created pledge forms so that all staff could make a personal pledge for the year ahead 🙂

We later put all the pledges up in the Sharea to help motivate everyone to stick to what they had set themself!

We also created special t-shirts where every staff member was expected to commit to at least one, but up to seven of the pledges for the whole year. They could show their commitment by pinning badges next to each pledge they were able to support.

The outfits the staff created were absolutely incredible. Here are some of the highlights from the catwalk show!

We had a photobooth with props, the photos printed out immediately for staff to take home as a keepsake.

Even our standing banners could be upcyled into tote bags after the event!! – Can you see the lines on the banners? This is the pattern for the bags…

We also gave everyone a plant to help them to offset their carbon throughout the year.

Small changes on a larger scale make a real impact.

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