About me

Art Director and Trend Analyst // Sai Gon // Viet Nam

Hi, I’m Anouska

I am a multi-disciplined Art Director and Trend Analyst who is passionate about the power of design and its impact. I am fortunate to live in the amazing city that is Sai Gon with my partner, 4 rescue cats and 6 rescue motorbikes.

I am a bit different, you’ll struggle to put me into any category, in fact that is my category ‘different’ sometimes that scares people, sometimes people embrace it.

I have over 15 years experience working in the creative industry; I know that considered visuals and compelling copy is fundamental to the success of any project.

My path has been somewhat unconventional, I am the wildcard of the outfit.

My beginnings were in photography and this remains a passion, next I moved into footwear, before finally gravitating towards a Trend Analysis baseline with a side of Marketing, Brand Identity, Interiors and Events. I like to create, and I enjoy the whole process from beginning to end, which is why I have ended up working across so many different areas.

My insight skills are something that have always come very naturally to me, they help to identify patterns so I can get a grasp on our future landscape before anyone else, this is a tool that has proven to be extremely helpful over the years.

I have an unpretentious approach to my projects, I let the work do the talking, and, I enjoy collaboration, I like sharing the process and the success. I am not frightened of ideas, I can see where the talent lies in others and give them the confidence to drive their passions forward.

I am happiest when I am busy creating.

The day to day

Trend Analysis & Insight
Commercial Colour Forecasting
Mood Board Creation
Presentation Design
Interior Design
Storyboard Creation
Branding and Visual Handwriting
Corporate Identity and Culture
Event Planning and Managing
Creative Copywriting
Strategic Campaign Development

My style

Insight and Creative Vision
Limitless Positivity and Enthusiasm
Straight-talking Problem Solver
Adaptable Presentation Style
Dynamic speaker
Communications and Awareness Expert
Drives A Culture of Inclusivity
Nurturing Approach to Leadership
Project Management Wizard
Environmental Advocate
Endlessly Curious
Passionate Creative

4 years ago, I came to Sai Gon and started work at SHOEfabrik.

The Concept Lab did not exist and SHOEfabrik had no brand identity.
They had never considered creating Insight Forecasts to help guide their clients in their decisions, and to explain how future trends could impact their brands.

I built their creative studio from the ground up and gave SHOEfabrik the identity needed to reflect their expertise.

They work with some of the most technically advanced performance footwear brands in the industry, so it was essential to ensure that the services they offer looked polished, professional and have a consistent message.

The Concept Lab now produces all the creative content needed internally and also work as a standalone agency fulfilling any special client requests.

Do you want to make something beautiful together?

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