This Morning, in the Garden

Day 3 — the COVID19 monologues, Sai Gon, Viet Nam

Photo Credits from the Author: Anouska Parr, 2021, My Garden

The morning breeze is cooler today
Birdsong is sweeter, louder, beckoning
But I cannot go outside
I slide the window open to let the garden in
It tentatively tiptoes to the netting so as not to disturb me
A few bright notes tumble through

I breathe deeply to absorb the morning
Immersed in the lush green
Sunshine falls shimmering through the green canopy
Sprinkling patches of light onto the garden floor
The symphony chirps to summon my gaze
Framed only by a window, this is my view

It lingers, and yet it changes with every second
Nature in all of its serene beauty
This flimsy netting is just enough division
And, the calmness seeps in
I cannot go outside now
I must wait for life to resume

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