My Trousers Made You Smile


Stop giving a f*ck and see what happens!

Busted out my new trousers today and was not disappointed by the reception — Photo credit by Author

These are my new trousers. Full disclosure, I did hesitate about this purchase momentarily. My main concern was that they are from a well-known retailer that many people have access to and that maybe there is a small chance that someone else might have bought them and that someone might wear them on the same day as me. I shook this idea off pretty fast, I can’t think of 1 person I work with that would feel comfortable in culottes with giant magenta spots on them. I headed to the cashier with a big smile on my face knowing that these would be another item of gleeful clothing that I would not regret purchasing.

I was not wrong.

From the second I was spotted in the office— apologies, couldn’t resist. The squeals of delight began, next came the pointing and the ‘so beautiful’ followed by the smiling and nodding in approval.

It is a risk. Yes.

Are you smiling yet? Photo credit by Author

Other items of absolute joy include my Starry Dungarees, a Denim Boilersuit and a Sweatshirt with cats dressed as Native American Indians. They command a variety of unoriginal responses asking me if I was planning to do some repairs, if they are children’s clothes, you know, pretty standard unintelligent bs. What I hadn’t imagined was the love, the solidarity, the passion, how my outfits can even change peoples moods. What an amazing power to possess.

Those trousers brightened my day, took me right up to a 4 from a 6 on the rubber duck scale you know, they’re joyful!

Boom — and so it begins…

I am a clothes ninja sent on a mission to bring you joy! Photo credit by Author

So what are the 5 things you are thinking, and more importantly are they worth getting ridiculed for? Well, you probably won’t and yes I think so.

  1. You will ‘make someones day’
    How cool is that? All because you decided that you would be brave and wear culottes with giant pink spots, you have made someone’s day. What a great achievement. Well done!
  2. Someone will say you you are stylish/chic/cool.
    Now you are starting to feel pretty pleased about your outfit choice and are thinking that this could indeed be true and maybe you are one or even better all of those things, I bet you had no idea before, did you?
  3. You will cheer someone up.
    You will. They might laugh hysterically at you, possibly call you names, who cares, you made them laugh, that is your power — own it!
  4. You will feel like a superhero.
    Truth. All this chit chat about your fearless decision has had rather an unexpected effect. When you nervously selected this outfit this morning you were worried about the tirade of abuse you might face, but instead, you have been rewarded and now you are wondering how you are going to keep this up because let’s face it, this feels pretty awesome.
  5. You will win the board meeting of crusty execs despite their best efforts to sabotage you and your excellent outfit.
    Why? Well because by now, enough people have confirmed your suspicions. You have been sent from the gods of semi-extreme style to use your power for good. You can elevate moods, make days, and you sure as hell aren’t going to take any sh*t from these old men in shiny suits obsessed with blue skies and think tanks.

You will be amazed at who appreciates your blind abandon, and it’s entirely probable you’ll be amazed by those that don’t, don’t notice, don’t say anything or better still make total asses of themselves by trying to be clever and think about it… How is that going to go? They are dealing with an outfit Jedi, they cannot beat the force with words alone, and why would they even try? A large part will almost certainly be down to the green-eyed monster, that’s right jealousy, they envy your mastery of dressing, they want that exceptional fashion prowess, that gift…

They want what you have; they want FUN TROUSERS THAT MAKE PEOPLES DAY!

It will also form a base for nostalgia; remember that time when you wore such and such, or, you haven’t worn that outfit for ages. People will talk about that day when you showed up in that sweater, you may well become an icon. All because of that courageous move to be different, your fearlessness. So you better start planning your next masterpiece, they will be expecting it!

Important Disclaimer: If you work somewhere with a uniform or a dress code, maybe just add some subtle little twists to your outfit, gradually build it up, see how far you can push the envelope.

Then here is another alternative I like to break out now and then… you know, on a bad day — Photo credit by Author

Or if like me you are a bit sick of being evaluated on your choice of outfit; what it could mean about your level of intelligence, professionalism etc. There is always this option…

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