Who Put The Rainbows In My Toilet?


And why? A Poem

Photo Courtesy Of Author

Something happened in the bathroom 
I suspect it was a sign 
A clue to decipher
It’s playing havoc with my mind
Are they trying to tell me something?
What could it be?
This method of communication is new to me

And, I wonder who put them there
There was no sign of life
A magical gift they shared
I still can’t work out why

And this stealth mission 
Planned with such precision
For how did they know what time I would come?
And how did they know I would choose this particular one?

For the sun to be in exactly the right spot
They must surely be a genius
They would have only got one shot
Something so ordinary and mundane has been transformed into a mystery
The rainbows that were cast
Were a gift to me

Quite probably laced with magic, to bring a smile to my face.

It’s the only possible explanation
Why else would there be rainbows in the toilet?

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