Hong Kong Forever

A photo memoir

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October 2019 Causeway Bay — Credit Anouska Parr

Hong Kong

The first place I ever visited in Asia, I fell in love immediately.

I have travelled to Hong Kong maybe 50 times now over the past 14 years and it has stolen a piece of my heart.

I thought that I would probably end up living there at some point, just for a while, it seemed logical, a good fit.

Now Hong Kong’s future is uncertain, a problem that seemed like something that would definitely be resolved has not been, and I wonder if I will ever be able to return to the place that is so special to me. ❤

All photographs are my own.

Discovery Bay — Credit Anouska Parr

Cable Car Over To Lantau Island To Meet The Big Buddha — Credits Anouska Parr

View Across To Central — Credit Anouska Parr
Me On The Star Ferry Back In 2018, Man Taking His Piggy Across To Central — Credit Anouska Parr
Bric A Brac In Sham Shui Po — Credit Anouska Parr
I am so thankful I got to share the magic of Hong Kong with my mother — Credit Anouska Parr

Quarry Bay ‘Monster’ Complex — Credit Anouska Parr

Choi Hung Estate — Credit Anouska Parr

And then everything changed…

Causeway Bay — Credit Anouska Parr

The Day After The Shooting, it was eerie — Credit Anouska Parr

Goodbye, dear friend — Thank you for the memories!

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