Miss Oink Face – Neighbourhood Celebrity

A Hampshire pig living her best life

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Photo credit by author — Miss Oink Face taking part in the favourite morning activity — basking

This beautiful lady is Miss Oink Face; I first came across her month ago on my bicycle ride to work.

I was so taken by Miss Oink Face that I almost cycled straight into the car in front of me. (who had slowed right down, I assume also to look at Miss Oink Face) Since this first day, I have started to see Miss Oink Face rather a lot on my rides to and from work and she always makes me happy.

I have never seen a pig with such unusual markings, but after some research, I think I can identify Miss Oink Face as a type of ‘Hampshire’ a very long way from home here in Saigon.

At first, I was fearful that Miss Oink Face could be there for reasons that might be rather upsetting. However, on further investigation, I am happy to confirm that Miss Oink Face was rescued by a Vietnamese family who also fell in love with her rare beauty.

She now lives a very happy life with this family alongside some dog, cat and chicken buddies.

Photo credit by author — Miss Oink Face

Miss Oink Face’s favourite past times include:

  • Basking in the morning sun
  • A good roll around
  • Mud baths
  • Tail wiggling
  • Taking strolls by the river
  • Snout rubs
  • Head pats
  • Snacks

She has become quite the neighbourhood celebrity and is always happy to pose for photos but prefers her right side as she thinks her left ear is a bit disproportionately large.

I disagree, I think she embodies all that is perfection.

She attributes her enviable physique to her healthy plant-based diet and her glowing skin to the regular cooling mud baths she takes.

Here she is making sure I get her best angle…

Photo credit by author — Miss Oink Face preparing for her next shot

Every time I see Miss Oink Face, it brightens my day — I hope she brightens your day too.

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