Look For the Light

A poem

Originally published here: https://medium.com/chance-encounters/look-for-the-light-9eaad864ce6c

Photo by Anouska Parr

A world suffocated, a desolate blackness
Weary, wandering, seeking out the lost light
Grief a heavy load to carry
Sadness burdens us

Living beneath the weight of the shadows
A perpetual challenge to lift this darkness
And I stumble across you
I becomes we

We are enough to rise up
We are more than this bleak world
We can let the light back in
Where there is light
There is love,
Love will restore happiness.

This poem was inspired by several chance encounters. Who knew KM that 10 years ago when we met in that pub in Leicester we would become such good friends, so good that we have both ended up in the same city on the other side of the world. We have been through a lot together, and when we went to this bar for dancing and happy times to find it was actually really rubbish, there was this sign and it reminded me that it’s the friends that we make that lift us up and give us the fun and the happy times, not the place that we are in.

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