Brave New Service


Thrifty Words Challenge #6: Service

Illustration by author.

I stand before you, the brave new service accepter.

Broken away from the shackles of expectation in the western world, approaching each new experience with fearlessness; freed from preconceptions, never knowing what will unfold next.

Lowering my expectations to the sub-core of the earth.

Occasionally resulting in unexpected glee.

Thanks, Marla Bishop for the prompt.

Service in Vietnam is a conundrum; you will have people that go above and beyond what you would expect in a 5-star hotel, or it’s so terribly appalling it’s like you’re reliving a scene from Fawlty Towers. I could write a book on some of the experiences I have had out here.

Furious hotel staff marching me back from the reception desk with my coconut to reprimand the street seller for charging me a scandalous 20,000vnd (about 1usd) instead of the standard 10,000vnd, which was rather embarrassing when I realised what was happening. 
Being seated in a wonderful restaurant for so long with no sign of staff only to find out they had all gone home and not told the chef of my wanting to eat some food. Of course, when I went to investigate the chef was horrified, but still, service here is bizarre and unpredictable.

Having said all of that, my last trip back home to the UK, London didn’t fare all that much better… Maybe it’s the COVID?!*

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