Moderately Nothing.


A Poem — Sometimes perhaps it is better (easier/safer) to be seen and not heard.

Installation at the Tate Modern, Feb 2020. Credit — Anouska Parr. You could write a message, or draw a picture into the plush velour wall; it would not be there for long before the next person would erase it.

One is not too much of anything, too much allows for judgement.

It would seem it is better not to be judged.

Too fat, too thin, too clever, too stupid, too rich, too poor, too loud or quiet, too unique, too creative, too practical, too happy or too sad.

You seem to be comfortable with moderation, unaffected by it, unchallenged, it slinks in unnoticed, polite, hiding in plain sight.

No character, no features, blank.

One must not have opinions; ideas and points of view open the gates for an attack, and anyway… what good would it do? One’s notion is not as important as yours, so better to stay quiet.

But moderation is intelligent; she can avoid your cruel preconceptions, offensive assumptions, close-mindedness. She will provide a protective casing, wrap herself around, keep one in the darkness, safe.

And together we shall be moderate enough to evade your ignorance and stereotypes. Toned down for your consumption. No threat of charisma here.

Move along; there is nothing to see. One is wearing the cape of invisibility, she is called moderation.

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