The Cats…

So do they get on?

Hmmmmm, well not exactly.

Phú is super easy, a cats cat if you will. He was thrilled when we found Star & wanted to play with her immediately. As she was in heat, we had to get her spayed, and make sure she had all her vaccinations before we could introduce her to Phú. 2 weeks of the the introduction process, a bit of fighting for dominance & they were & are thick as thieves, best friends.

Sadly the same cannot be said for Ozzy. Phú was typically gentle & kind, whereas Star decided she must surely dispose of this imposter in our house. We’ve had moments where we thought we were almost there, moments of peaceful napping together on the sofa, sadly these moments are so easily broken by one cat or another deciding to make a swipe, triggered by anything or nothing at all. So here we are 8 months down the road starting the introduction process for the billionth time. Frustrating yes; would we have not taken Ozzy knowing what we know now? Nope, of course not. In fact there is a kitten out there wailing now which we are yet to locate, we’ll keep trying to hunt it down, I can’t not try to do something, but if I do manage to find it, I think it might be a case of fostering, rather than adding another fuzzy fur ball to this already challenging family dynamic…

Cats ❤️

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