And then in February 2019 it happened again… We could hear the wailing, for a good couple of weeks, but had been unable to find anything. We hear it again & again, we check the front yard – nothing, the back yard – nothing. We had pretty much given up on being able to find anything, anyone, but lo & behold JJ can see a tiny head & a pair of ears in the back yard of the end house. Off we go, luckily by now the security in our area are well aware of our animal feeding & rescuing antics, so when we try to locate this tiny little kitty, the security guard comes with us & helps us to explain. We ask the man if it’s his kitten under the car & he angrily says no. We say ‘if you open the gate, we’ll get it’ he did, and this poor little guy just walked out into my hand & we walked him round the corner to our house & that was the night we adopted Ozzy. We think Ozzy was perhaps the runt of the litter, he was in pretty bad shape, filthy, smelly & covered in ring worm. A trip to the vets, a bath, a few decent meals later & our 3rd fur baby joins the rag tag gang of adoptees…

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