Finding Star..

So after Phú came Star. Quite by accident. We had been discussing the possibility of getting Phú a playmate. Plenty of cats in Vietnam that need homes, but we hadn’t got much further than that until one night in January, 3 months later JJ (training for the marathon) went out for a run. He had circled round by the Starlight bridge & this little cat had run out into his path then rolled around a bit waiting for some fuss. He did another circuit saying to himself that should the cat still be there then maybe he would do something about it & sure enough there she was again. Didn’t take much persuasion for him to pick her up and take her home. It would seem as though Star (named after the bridge) had almost certainly already had a litter & was in heat, she also turned out to be quite the escape artist, getting herself stuck on the carport after escaping from the roof, then disappearing again the next day. We were beside ourselves trying to find her & she was sat on the ground by the carport in the dark soaking wet, waiting for us to find her.