So I was talking to someone about my blog today to which they said ‘is it active?’ This made me feel terribly embarrassed about the neglected blog I had set up with such gusto & excitement, the blog that was to document the trials, tribulations, but mostly (from past experience) to catalogue the numerous, semi catastrophic comedy moments of adjusting to this new life… It also made me think back to my resolutions, 1 of which was blog once a week.

I had a lot of resolutions for this year. I don’t normally bother as I’m very much of the school of thought that if you’re resolute to do something then why not just bloody well do it, but as I wanted to make a fresh start, new country, new job &  after years of travelling around, & feeling transient, finally a new life it seemed as good of a time as any. There is no roller derby here, & sadly I dont have the time to create, coach, run & skate roller derby, so after 6 years of doing nothing but this I have something I forgot even existed… Time. Time to start to do the things I’ve always envied other people for doing. Time to selfishly spend doing things for noone elses pleasure or gain but my own. So I did something totally out of the ordinary & I wrote 2 sets of resolutions (well more like 20 as I kept changing my mind) one set for new year & one set for lunar new year. I made a large number of them when drunk, this is no exception….

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  1. Think you might have to rethink as you didn’t seem to have much spare time when I was there! But who knows maybe one day!!!!!

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