Visa on arrival is something that has been filling me with dread, I have instructions to push to the front, the queue will not be orderly, must have 2 photos (which are very dark and I am a little worried they might not even accept them) $50 US in cash, might take up to 20 minutes and you must listen very carefully for your name.

The queue is actually very orderly, with very few people in it.
The form is thrust back at me. ‘Wrong form, out of date’ I am given a new form which is almost identical, told I must complete all my family member details including name, address, dob even though they are not travelling with me. So with some rough calculations  on birthdays, and my father now living back with my mother for the purpose of this paperwork because I cannot for the life of me think of his actual address right now, I hand the form back, he smiles and tells me to sit down and wait. I am sitting waiting listening to  an American man on the phone telling someone they are asking him for over $200 per person and this is putting the fear of god into me as I only have $50 and have no idea where I could get any more in this particular part of the airport. Thankfully this is when my name is called ‘anoooowwww sikawa parrrrr’, I am charged $50 and am allowed to leave and hunt for my luggage, which I soon find with lost and found. Another X-Ray machine and I can finally escape the airport which I do with such glee that I forget to remove my sweatshirt, to apply insect repellent, which I know future me will regret. I am so relieved my driver is already there, I peel off the sopping wet sweatshirt, climb in the back and drift in and out of consciousness until I finally arrive at the Noush Castle…

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