Hong Kong airport is my favourite airport. As airports goes it’s just a bit nicer, a bit more thought out, and you have lots of options of things. I like options. I brush my teeth and reapply some make up in an attempt to feel a bit fresher on arrival.
No it doesn’t make up for the hours of travel filth, sweat and general swollen grossness that you have to contend with, but it makes you feel better if at least your face looks presentable.
I know the drill by now, go to transfers hand over my boarding card ‘thank you, you are very beautiful’ says the lady as she hands it back, that was unexpected, takes a moment to register that I was just given a compliment when I am feeling totally grotesque. I smile and thank her, maybe it’s not as bad as I thought. To the next lounge! This time a Cathay lounge, this means champagne, this means I can toast my arrival in Asia…


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